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Comedian. Host of the Crazy Money podcast. Proud former Facebook and Yahoo! sales person/leader.


  • Richie A. Benavidez

    Richie A. Benavidez

    citizen of the universe, friend to all, enemy to none.

  • Penel


  • Lisa Mecca-Primps

    Lisa Mecca-Primps

  • Greg Russak

    Greg Russak

    #travel #expense #blockchain #leadership #edtech #equality #climate #bigdata #branding RTs not endorsements

  • Phillip Ooi

    Phillip Ooi

    technical, critical thinker, father, world traveller

  • Annafeasts


  • Fleur Juliette

    Fleur Juliette

    Pretending to be a writer… Psychedelic adventures, trauma-informed lens, helping things grow, constantly lost, eternally hungry, spiritually confused, cat-mom ❤

  • Alex Karavaev

    Alex Karavaev

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